How to Deploy and Retrieve

Using Fiorentino's
"Short Length Rode Formulas"
in changing
sea states  (
"Rode Adjustments" ) by Zack Smith

 Excerpts from the June 2003 OCC School of Sailing and  Seamanship College, Safety at Sea Seminar. Replacement
photos provided by Mike Munson. 

   1.  Deploy Trip Line

   Deploy the trip line off the windward
   side of your boat. Allow your vessel to
   drift away from the recovery line until  
   it’s elongated.

2.  Deploy Para-Anchor

Simply drop the parachute anchor off the
windward side of your boat. Fiorentino's
patented design and heavier materials immediately launch the para-anchor


3.  Deploy Anchor Rode

In calm conditions pay out very little
deployment rode to maintain "constant
rode tension.
In storms pay out at least 50% of your deployment rode to maintain "constant rode tension." Secure your deployment rode around a cleat to fully inflate the para-anchor. Whenever your vessel starts to jerk unnaturally pay out more rode until that motion stops. more on rode lengths

   1. Hook It
    Motor toward the retrieval float
    located at the end of a trip line. 
    Collect the float with a boat hook.

2.  Pull It

Just pull the float line and the
chute closes like an umbrella
as the anchor rises from the

3. Retrieve it  

The para-anchor returns with virtually
no resistance. And, two minutes later your para-anchor is packed with Fiorentino's Fast-PAK bag.


            Deployment Video

             Retrieval Video

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