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When you visit us at the boat shows, not only can you check out the world's most innovative drag devices, but you'll also meet Zack Smith, the designer behind our product line who has devoted most of his adult
life to the study of these devices. When Zack's not conducting seminars or helping out one of our dealers, you can find him at the Fiorentino booth where he can  answer your toughest questions.

Fiorentino products sell out fast so be sure to call us before the show starts to reserve your order early. To learn about our "early bird" deals  contact Lynnette before the show starts. Phone: 949-631-2336

2012 Seminars hosted by
Parachute Sea Anchors & Storm Drogues by Zack Smith

This years seminars are an updated version of Zack's previous seminars:  "To Run or Ride Out
 the Storm. For d
escription of seminar, view the
on line boat show program or click on the
seminar review below.

Click herer to read a review
about Zack Smith seminars.





Our Show Schedule:

Pacific Sail Expo

April 12-15, 2012
Jack London Square
Phone:  401-841-0900
Booth #

To be announced soon





International SailPower
Boat Show Long Beach

20-23, 2011
Convention Center
Phone:  714-633-7581
Booth #


Miami International Boat Show




Miami International Boat Show
February 16-20, 2012
Miami Beach Convention
Center Phone:  305-531-8410
Booth #
 2653, 2744, 2748 convention center

Tent B -- Saturday 2/18/12  10:30 AM
Tent C -- Monday 2/20/12  11:45 AM

used boats for sale, used sailboats, used yachts with dealer and builder data and boat loan information.



United States Sailboat Show
October 6-10, 2011
Phone:  410-268-8828
Booth # D-22



Seattle Boat Show

January 27 - February 5, 2012
Exhibition Center

Phone:  206-634-0911
Booth #2002--concourse

Silver Stage -- Tuesday 1/31/12  5 pm
Silver Stage -- Friday 2/3/12  Noon
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Fiorentino Boat Show & Seminar Schedule
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