The "ORIGINAL Yellow" Parachute Sea Anchor by
Fiorentino --

with Patented Para-Ring
® Hardware.

Rated #1 by Tournarnent Fishermen. Excellent Emergency Equipment for Coastal Cruisers

Fiorentino's ORIGINAL yellow parachute sea anchor
(para-anchor) as seen on FOX Inside Sportfishing
Television!! This is the same photo advertised at
over one hundred boat shows across the country!!
Choose the ORIGINAL Yellow Para-Anchor by
Fiorentino! Made in the U.S.A    

Pro Sport Fishing or Coastal Cruising
The Coastal Para-Anchor with patented Para-Ring® hardware offers
a proprietary design that permits repeated deployments season after season without costly repairs or replacement fees. An excellent sport fishing tool to slow your boat's drift. Additionaly, the Coastal Para-Ring®
anchor provides everything you need for coastal rescues during rough weather, to make repairs, or even to rest overnight without worry. A superior alternative to Drift Anchors. 

Lightweight design for easier handling.
The Fiorentino Coastal is bult
with approximately 48-52% less canopy panels and shorud lines than Fiorentino's Offshore model®. The use of smaller hardware and less canopy weights lightens the package to permit easier handling for repeated fishing deployments. Built tough, the Para-Ring Coastal® is second only to Fiorentino’s Offshore® model in strength tests recorded by government certified load cell tests.

Para-Ring® combats twisted shroud lines.
Fiorentino’s patented Para-Ring® is a stainless steel fabrication that comes in eight different sizes depending upon the canopy diameter. Fiorentino's exclusive Para-Ring® spreads out the shroud lines, thus preventing chafe and enabling the swivel to work without restriction. The Para-Ring® is the only device on the market that permits a swivel to rotate under load to combat twisted shroud lines.

No deployment bag or chain required
Fiorentino is the only compact parachue sea anchor built with thick nylon fabrics, strong commercial fishing lines, commercial canopy weights and all stainless hardware. The combination of these elements permit the Fiornetino para-anchor to be deployed as is without the use of a deployment bag or extra chain. That means there's no risk of the chute inflating on deck or tangling itself around a floating bag. Click here to see why serious boaters prefer the Fiorentino FAST-PAK Deployment System®.  


Fiorentino's Coastal Para-Anchor


Here's what our Coastal
Para-Ring® Anchor Includes:

-   Fiorentino Coastal Para Anchor®
 Exclusive Stainless Para-Ring®
-   Fast-PAK® Stowage Bag System 
-   Custom Sized Stainless Swivel
-   Complete Para-Anchor DVD

-   Fully installed, pre-sized  
    Anti-Rotation Weights
-   Expert Technical Support
-   Impressive 5-Year Warranty
-   Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Here's what's not included
with the Para-Anchor:

Anchor Rode: for paying out para-anchor.  
Trip Line for retrieving the anchor.
removable chafe guard to protect anchor rode.

Everything in One Bag.  
Pack away in two minutes or less
with Fiorentino's orignal Fast-PAK Deployment System
®. Just roll it up like a small sleeping bag and place the trip line and the anchor in one bag! 
Fiorentino also offers an optional heavy duty deployment bag that allows you to toss the entire unit overboard for non-emergency use.

Proper Weight Placement.
Depending upon your fishing application or the size of the para- anchor, each Fiorentino para anchor will be custom rigged. May include  special floats, our original Anti-Rotation Weights™ or "Strapping Belts" sewn and concealed----at no extra charge! Proper weight placement and size is essential for fast deployment and to properly position the Fiorentino parachute sea anchor exactly where it needs to be. Please call if your application is for  a sportfishing boat smaller than 35'  

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Fishermen Information
About Fiorentino

Offshore Anchor

Generic Size Chart and Prices
Cruising Weight Boat Length *Diam.(U.S.) Metric Model # Price Sport fishing Packages: OnLine Ordering
10,000 lbs. 15-30' 6' 1.83 m. COAST-6 $329
To receive an itemizeded price quote for a sport fishing package contact Lynnette today!

Phone: 949-631-2336 
E-mail: Lynnette
20,000 lbs. 35' 9' 2.74 m. COAST-9 $399
30,000 lbs. 45' 12' 3.66 m. COAST-12 $649
40,000 lbs. 50' 16' 4.88 m. COAST-16 $899 American
46,000 lbs. 60' 18' 5.49 m. COAST-18 $1029 International
50,000 lbs. 65' 21' 6.40 m. COAST-21 $1129
*over 50,000 lbs. over 65' 24' 7.32 m. COAST-24 $1439  
*More details about sizing

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