Fiorentino's "Adjustable Pendant Line"
(Custom Order) 

Bridle History:

he Fiorentino Bridle System has been in use
for over 60 years. It was later popularized in
the early eighties by sailing couple Lin & Larry
Pardey, in their first edition of "Seraffyn's
Oriental Adventure

Fiorentino's custom "Fixed and Block Bridles"  available for multihulls.

For centuries, heaving-to has been a storm tactic used to knock down violent waves with a calm, smooth slick of water that is created by the hull of a boat. As sea states worsen, a Para-Ring Anchor will help maintain a sailboat in a hove-to position. Most sailboats caught in extreme weather will need to use a pendant line to form a bridle. Fiorentino's "Adjustable Pendant Line" is custom rigged to fit your individual boat. This provides you with the opportunity to find the most comfortable hove-to position for your boat.  

Includes: U.S. Manufactured Snatch Block, Custom Size Support Float(s), Custom Sized Stiff Dacron/ Nylon, Double Braid Line, Stainless Steel Thimble (Served). Boat Specs. required. For a price quote that includes labor call 949-631-2336 or send an e-mail to: Lynnette@para-anchor.com See below for other rigging options:

Safety Whipping:  $36.00

Fiorentino's commercial rigging method is considered superior by independent experts, because it can’t come apart. Our own master rigger meticulously hand serves 15 feet of nylon over the vulnerable, unprotected splice. This time-consuming process protects the splice against chafe and snags during heavy weather deployment or commercial use.  

StormRap™ Protection:  $44.00
Fiorentino's exclusive factory process tightens nylon rode to prevent chafe. Spliced rode is shrunk wrapped into the eye of the thimble to help insure the tightest possible fit. Soft rode eyes never part, creating a safer, tighter fit. Recommended for heavy weather deployment or commercial use. 

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